Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Listening, hearing, attentive listening, paying attention--all terms that I associate when I become frustrated with another who I deem is not listening.
It's early on Wednesday morning, and I am the only one up in my house and I am bothered by all the noises around me.  The washing machine is humming, the coffee pot is gurgling, the bass on the radio is pounding, ever so softly, and the printer is churning out a copy that I need first thing today.
As my agitation grew, and as I discerned each sound, I realized that I am causing each one of them.  I am actually distracting myself.  Moving about the house to silence each of these "early distractions", I needed to know if I preferred the silence.

I'm now thinking and wondering if this occurrence, too many noises, to too much silence,  happens sort of unconsciously to people on a regular basis.  Do we pay attention enough to our inner thoughts and feelings to help us regulate our actions.

I'll continue pondering this idea as I bring back the "morning sounds".  First is the shower.

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