Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday, 8th grade argument essays, a lake view, and a positive attitude- is there a commonality in this mix?
Yes!  I am determined today (Sunday), unlike many other Sundays, to keep a positive attitude as I read and score my students' argument essays.
I will remind myself often that argument writing is, and has been for my students, quite a challenge.  We did persevere, relying on LOTS of peer revising and conferencing sessions.  In addition, all students can analyze an Op-Ed for its elements, even if their own writing needs more practice.  Whose doesn't?
I am safe and warm this Sunday, unlike so many who are facing such unknowns due to the wrath of the recent tornadoes.
My view, when I need to re-focus as I am reading essays, is the fast rippling of water coming across the lake.  Even though the color of the view is mostly dreary, the movement of the water is truly worth my attention.
Here's to my FABULOUS Sunday.  Hope yours goes well too.

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